Vineyard Peacock

Many wineries have vineyard dogs, but we at Vineyard {511} are fortunate to have a vineyard peacock, who we've named Cabernet. Cabernet is a beautiful male, blue and chartreuse peacock with a tail of feathers that, when he chooses to spread them out, creates an amazing array of color. He does this when he is showing off and flirting with anyone whose attention he might want to attract. The photo here shows Cabernet twirling around in a 360 degree circle for all to admire.

Cabernet hangs around our vineyard and home a great deal of time since he sadly lost his female mate to an unknown animal predator. (Our vineyard estate is in a woodsy environment, which is visited by various wild animals.) Now he pals around our vineyard with wild turkeys. We're glad he's found some feathered friends.

Cabernet certainly is a stunning creature!